Launch Formula - Hard Launch - Part 5

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This is a big deal. I reiterate… this is a very big deal! This is the event that launches your business to the world. The setting must be perfect, the decorations eye-catching, videos and music must be playing, food and refreshments flowing and staff members creating a positive vibe.

Again, you need to under cater to create a sense of opportunity and demand. If there are more people than seats, your future network members are going to see that they have to react now if they want a piece of the pie. Run TVs in the overflow areas so that people get the feeling that they will not get a seat if they don’t get in early.

The presenters
Hire a professional MC and DJ to run the evening. Don’t use a staff member who will stammer and stutter their way through the introductions. Practice the event with these people so that they know exactly what to do and when to do it. Remember - you have 1,000 people itching to give you their money so you need to be 100% professional. If possible, get some key celebrity to endorse the business and to do the keynote speech. Make sure the speech is all about personal upliftment and living the life you deserve. Introduce the products in a “larger than life” fashion, share the overlying aspects of the compensation plan and explain the road map to achieve success in your business.

Launch your incentive program, recognition program, and your fast-start program. There needs to be substantial fanfare so make sure your DJ is pumping the music where necessary.

Twitter and Facebook
Broadcast the launch using a programme like GoToMeeting ( and have people standing by on Twitter and Facebook to answer questions and interact with those who are not able to be at the event. Stream the Twitter feeds to the screen in the venue to create additional excitement.

Award the winning prizes to the first 20 people who filled their 5 front row positions in their network. And make a big deal out of this! Show that you reward the people that put in the work.

At the close of the presentation, you must make a strong call to action with an “avoid a loss” close. An example would be - "Everyone who signs up tonight will receive a 20% discount on their starter pack". This is just an example and I leave you to think of the best incentive for your business. Your main aim is to lock in as many people as possible on the very same night. Ensure that your leadership knows how to do this so that they can help their people sign up there and then and hand over the money for their Starter Kits (which you can give them on site too). If your people walk out the door without committing, chances are high that you have lost them. 

Note: If these terms are completely foreign to you, don’t worry - I’ve got some more information on them that I will send to you soon.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this series of posts, the aim of the three launch strategy is to achieve critical mass fast. Signing up 1,000 people in 5 weeks is an excellent start and if you keep up the communication via SMS, Twitter, Facebook and through home and company run recruiting meetings, you will find that this is enough to take your business into overdrive.

So, does this work?

The answer is "yes" if you do it right. We took one of our clients from zero to 10,784 members in just 3 months. They packed out their 3 launches and by the time the launches were over, they had over 3,000 members in the team. Within the next 7 weeks, they grew to over 10,000 members. To put this into perspective - if their average sales were just $10 per member (which is not close to the actual figure) they would have achieved monthly sales of $100,000 within their first three months. If you could take your business from zero to $100,000 per month in only 12 weeks, what would that be worth to you?

You can download this blog post as an ebook. I have also created 18 Task Launch Checklist that you can download.

I hope this helps you and that your launch puts you in orbit!

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