Launch Formula - Part 1

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We took one of our clients from ZERO to 10,784 members in just three months! It was hard work but it was exceptionally exciting. With our 3-event Network Marketing Launch Formula in hand, we knew that there was no option but success. This is how we did it.

I am going to assume that you have engaged a consultant and have created a solid strategy for all aspects of your business. You probably already have everything documented, your systems are up and running, and every aspect of your business is ready to go. With this in mind, let’s look at how you can launch the network and achieve critical mass FAST!

Launch Strategy
As I have already mentioned, growing a network is about momentum. Momentum is achieved by creating excitement, and excitement is achieved through many engaged people. I would like to draw an analogy with watching sport. If you’re sitting in your home alone watching a sporting event, you get excited when your team scores but settle back into your seat quickly thereafter. If you are at the stadium, on the other hand, a goal will have you on your feet, screaming yourself hoarse. You pound your excited neighbour on the back and are swept away by the adrenalin - and this sense of euphoria stays with you even after the final whistle has blown.

It is exactly the same with launching your business. If you take the decision to launch early and slowly, I can almost guarantee that you will never gain the momentum to achieve critical mass. By the time the second person joins the business, the first person has lost the spark and the trend continues until you close down and declare that network marketing is a waste of time. Let’s make this very clear... it’s not if you do it right!

As we have already established, the goal should be to create momentum and achieve critical mass FAST! And let me tell you, there is no more powerful mechanism or better time to do this than the launch. The most important thing to remember is that you only have one opportunity to launch your business, so make sure you do it right and make it count.

To start with, you’re going to take three bites of the cherry. You’re going to launch your business three times. You are going to have a prelaunch, a soft launch and then the launch. Each of these launches serves its own, unique purpose, but together they are designed to create and sustain momentum. They are your golden opportunities to achieve the eagerly anticipated critical mass.

You have a shiny new business. You are excited. There is a world of opportunity and the people you are talking to will have first-mover advantage. They are the special few who will be connected directly to the company. They are on the top of the network and they have a real reason for being swept along with the excitement. Remember, some of these people will be your future millionaires, your leaders, and the people who will be walking onto the stage to receive the keys to their new car, home or the tickets to some exotic island getaway. Take full advantage of this and sweep them along on the ride of your and their lives.

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