Launch Formula Schedule - Part 2

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The launches will take place over a 5-week period. The schedule is as follows:


1. Week 1 - Prelaunch
    a. 1 week training
    b. 1 week inviting

2. Week 3 – Soft Launch
    a. 1 week training
    b. 1 week inviting

3. Week 5 – Company Launch (all the bells and whistles)

The goal of the prelaunch is to get 100 people into a room where you can pitch your business. This is a critical stage as these initial people will be responsible for growing your business and filling the rooms during the next stage of your launch. Start connecting with the people you know. Get them together one-on-one or in small groups.

Tell them that you have handpicked them to help launch your business. Their job is to fill the room. The goal is 100 people, so if you connect with and convince 10 people to be part of your venture, they each need to bring 10 people. If you have 20 people committed, they each need to bring 5 etc.

NB! Host the prelaunch in a venue that holds fewer people than you have invited. You want to create the impression that there are more people than places. Have assistants fetch chairs for the extra people and make the room feel packed to the walls. Your new people must feel like they are packing into the place and that there are loads of people who will be joining the business.

Create a very positive feel in the room - have upbeat music playing; adorn the walls with lifestyle banners; have videos running with people relaxing in exotic places, driving sports cars, sailing yachts and having fun (bearing in mind who your target market is and what they see as a desirable lifestyle); serve drinks and finger foods.

Remember that people are not joining your business for their health. They are looking to change their lives, to set themselves free and to live the life they feel they deserve. Your job is to set the stage and show them the way.

You have the opportunity to talk, uninterrupted, to a fully engaged audience. If you have set the stage well, they are already halfway there. Now you must present your business in a powerful and convincing way. I won’t be discussing the presentation here but keep in mind that no one understands the compensation plan, so keep it simple. This presentation it is all about lifestyle - keep that at the forefront of your presentation.

Ultimately your audience will want to know 3 things.

1. What must I do?
2. What is the reward?
3. Can I do it?

People buy dreams not facts, so focus on lifestyle and freedom. Show them what they need to do and what their reward will be. Most important of all is to highlight the following:

They have first mover advantage
These are the people who are at the top of the team. They are connected directly to the company or to the handpicked company leadership. There is no better place to be. It is the one time in their lives when they are at the right place at the right time and they need to take advantage of this.

You have to join to sign up new people
Everybody who joins from today onwards will be in their teams. All members will be captured in the order that you receive the forms. The first people to sign up will have their people under them. Tell them that they are the people who will be earning the big money and leading the big teams in the future. These are the 100 leaders under whom the company will be built. Make them feel special.

Founding members
The people who sign up at the prelaunch will be called the founding members. They receive a badge and are immortalized on the company’s website, on the walls of head office and are recognized at future meetings. You can even go so far as to provide a small commission pool for a limited time to reward them for being part of the founding members' club. It is all about making them feel special.

The goal of the prelaunch is to get at least 100 new members into your network. This will give you a solid base for the next phase of your launch. 

In my next post I will talk about training the founding members.

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