Launch Formula Training - Part 3

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This is a key part of your launch strategy. You can insist that the founding members attend a week of training in which you teach them about the product, share the compensation plan in more detail and, most important of all, give them the skills to get 5 new people to the soft launch. It is important to note that the training you provide at this point will be passed on to the new members. If you create a shortcut for these founding members, their teams will also be given a shortcut and you, the company, and your leaders will suffer for this. 

The tools are critical. Your starter kit should contain all the necessary marketing information. You should provide a comprehensive training manual that covers all the information needed to recruit new members and sell the product. Think about it for a moment - your new founding member has paid you for the opportunity to learn all they possibly can about your business. If you do not take the time and make the effort to train them well, you are missing a massive opportunity. 

Product training
You have the perfect opportunity to give your new members an intensive course on what makes your product great. Your goal should be to lock in their belief system. If it’s a tangible product, let them experience it first-hand. If it is not, take them through all the key features. Thereafter, test their knowledge. Get each member to role play the presentation of the product and make sure they understand how to convey the salient points to a prospect. 

Compensation plan
This is a complex mathematical mechanism and, in my experience, very few people will understand it. Your job is to show your leadership how to get out of the blocks. Focus on the first three months. Show them what they need to do to get to a key level in that three month period and how much they can earn if they hit that goal. We’re still working on the dream building phase here.

I can’t stress enough that everything you teach your founding members will be passed on to your entire team infinitely deep. Do a good job and your team will grow fast!

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