Training Part 7 - Week 5 and 6

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Multi-Level Marketing Training - Week 5 & 6

Your new distributor should be well on their way to success. There is only one thing remaining and that is for them to teach the skills they have learnt to someone they have recruited. 

It is essential their upline sponsor be available to answer questions and help where necessary but if they have done their job, there should be little need for hands-on involvements. Their main task now is to recognize every success and celebrate it with their distributor in a highly visual way.

If their distributor recruits someone, they should call them and congratulate them and then they should call their distributor's recruit, welcome them to the team and edify their distributor like crazy. At home, and venue base meetings they should let everyone willing to listen about their distributor’s successes.  Nothing builds success faster than belief and nothing builds belief faster than well-earned praise.

Course Correction

Signing up a new distributor and getting them to the point where they can take the ball and run is a substantial task. It would be an absolute shame to go to all this trouble only to allow them to stumble at the finish line. The sponsor should, therefore, be watching for signs that their distributor is struggling. If they find this is the case, they need to step back into the role of trainer and establish what is going wrong. The easiest way is for them to go on a few appointments with their distributor and observe the sales or opportunity presentation. This will provide valuable insight into what challenges are being faced. They will then be able to help with a course correction. It is much harder to train a new recruit from scratch than to tweak the training of a distributor that has 4 weeks of training behind them. You should, therefore, impress on the sponsor the importance of keeping InTouch with their distributors. If there are problems, they need to act fast to rectify the problem.

It is the company’s responsibility to provide guidance, a training framework, relevant collateral and to measure how effective their people are being. It is the sponsor's responsibility to implement the strategies and training to ensure the maximum chance of success for the new distributor and it is the distributor's responsibility to apply the knowledge and realize the potential of the amazing business he has joined.

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